The Launch of Porterfield Knife & Tool

by Stephen Gallagher

Porterfield Knife & Tool is owned by a family of "Floridians"! We have a great passion for the outdoors! Whether we are manufacturing today's most popular firearms or fabricating custom airboats that can be found around the world, one thing is for sure. "We build quality into our products because we are end users. We manufacture great products for our customers who also have our same interests." Please follow our progress as we work to bring Quality products to the market.


I was approached by Norman Clifton
Last may to see if I was interested in producing a line of high quality knives. I have been an independent craftsman since 1982 . It was a big step. I insisted on first quality knives with performance first. We are both in total agreement with that. This is a great company that stands behind their product. We have several very cool products in the works. No product is sold that I would not put my personal signature on. Hang on this company is going to be special. The parent company Good times Outdoors. (GTO) also produces the Core rifle systems. One of the top tactical rifle company's in the world. They also produce a line of world class airboats for civilian and military use . This knife project is a long time dream for me personally . When you buy one of these fine tools you are getting my best effort to produce a superior knife for a reasonable price.
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